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Our Approach

We have two styles of bookings, Health and Wellbeing consultations as well as Energy Healing Treatments.


Health and Wellbeing Consults

Natural Medicine has been around since the first plants migrated from the ocean to our shores over 450 million years ago. Yielding all the correct elements required to restore our body's equilibrium when it has been lost.

At Groundwork Health and Wellbeing, we embrace mother nature’s gifts uniting food therapy, unique blends of medicinal herbs and healthy lifestyle choices to suite each individual client's needs.

We aim to inspire and awaken the body’s natural innate ability to heal itself; defending, protecting and preventing disharmony or dis-ease. We work to minimise the reliance on allopathic medicine.

Health and Wellbeing Consultations are available both in-person in our clinic or via online. Within these consultations each client receives a unique individualised prescription encompassing the essentials to heal disharmony in the body. 


In each consultation our practitioner and intuitive healer, Melonie, combines her qualifications as a Naturopath, Food Therapist, Medical Herbalist and Yoga Instructor along with various diagnostic tools and healing methods. You can learn more about these diagnostic tools in the link below.


We focus on generating the groundwork for maintaining health and wellbeing amongst our loved ones and in our community.

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 Energy Healing Treatments

Energy healing enables us to break down the barriers of disconnect to ourselves, community and the universal life force. Moving us from a place of discontent and dis-ease to a place where there’s endless possibilities, space and connection.

As we create the space and fluidity internally, we let go of this false sense of happiness driven by desires and find a natural flow deepening our inner bliss.

The pressure and overwhelm of the world we live in today causes us to sway from equilibrium leading to many forms of disease, dysfunction and discomfort. Through acceptance and the channelling of universal life force, areas of stagnation are shaken up allowing us to release and let go of what no longer serves us.

This cosmic energetic work will form a stronger bond with our spirituality and our sense of ‘self’ and can be a great tool for transformation on its own or complementing other therapies and treatments in a safe and non-invasive form.


 These luminous healing sessions are sweetened with crystals and essential oils, aiding in the dissolution of recurrent negative patterning, past conditioning and or feelings of overwhelm.


Meet our Practitioner

Melonie Thompson, is a qualified Naturopath, Intuitive Healer, Food Therapist, Medical Herbalist and Yoga Instructor, weaving age-old alchemical traditions with up to date professional knowledge.

Learn more about Melonie >

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