DoTerra with Mel

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Welcome to essential oil therapy, honouring mama natures gifts and tools for transformation. Inspiring healing, a deeper connection and enabling access to our inner bliss

This page is devoted to sharing the love and magikal effects of aromatherapy within your home, for your family and for your own self-care. You will find an abundance of information on how to use and understand doTerra Essential Oils. If you would like to bless your home or workspace with doTerra or are considering a new business venture that’s flexible without commitments, please see the options below or contact Melonie for more information.

Working with oils is a divine practice that my whole family enjoys, even our animal friends. In our home the quality and purity of a product is important and using doTerra essential oils allows us to reduce our exposure to pharmaceuticals and harsh chemicals.  Knowing that doTerra oils are farmed ethically and globally, whilst supporting their farmers and communities, makes it a smart investment for the future of our planet..

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Choose from two options…

You may wish to purchase your doTerra Oils as a Wholesale Customer, receiving wholesale pricing and the option to build a business in the future if you wish.

You may also consider building a business with doTerra, by becoming a Wellness Advocate. For some of you it may take time to grasp the possibilities of starting a business with doTerra, however the idea of financial freedom within a flexible business model using therapeutic products that are safe and effective are what matter most to me.