What do they include?


In each consultation our practitioner and intuitive healer, Melonie, combines her qualifications as a Naturopath, Food Therapist, Medical Herbalist and Yoga Instructor along with the diagnostic tools and healing methods included below.

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Learn more about each diagnostic tool below.

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Bush Flower Essences

The Bush Essences (flower remedies) are a system of healing that has been used by many cultures for thousands of years, however the Australian Bush Flower Essences meet the great need for remedies that help people address the issues of the 21st century e.g. sexuality, communication skills and spirituality. The combination of Australia’s new vitality and the power of the land, Australian Bush Flower Essences are unique and used by holistic health practitioners as an essential part of their therapy. Flower remedies allow you to find clarity, courage, strength and commitment to follow and pursue your goals and dreams as well as allowing you to tap into your intuition, spirituality, boosting your self esteem, creativity and fun. The effects of Australian Bush Flower essences are similar to meditation enabling you to access wisdom from your higher self. They assist in releasing negative patterns held within the subconscious mind and allow positive thoughts of self-love, joy, faith, courage. Allowing harmony and balance to be restored.

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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is made exclusively from plants and plant material to produce medicines that prevent or treat various diseases. The healing power of plants is due to their complex chemical nature allowing different herbs to act on different systems of the body. Plant materials used include flowers, roots, fruit, leaves and bark providing efficient remedies for digestive, respiratory, circulatory, immune, endocrine and nervous system concerns or general support and improvement. Herbal medicines also allow toxins and waste to be removed from bodily cells and can be used topically to promote skin healing. Herbal Medicine is a major resource for new medicines and is highly regarded in the pharmaceutical world with ever growing medical literature clinically proving the efficacy of medicinal herbs. 



Iridology is the study and analysis of the iris. When we evaluate a client’s iris we are looking for outstanding signs or impressions, strengths and weaknesses, their constitution and ability to resist negative health influences. Signs are considered to reflect a client’s constitutional health pattern potentially unearthing disharmony within the body and its systems. It can reveal strengths and weaknesses of organs, glands, tissues of the body, inflammation, toxicity and circulatory and lymphatic congestion. We may also be able to identify inherited or acquired health dispositions within the system. If you are interested in Iridology, please inform us at the beginning of your constitution.

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Screening Tools

Functional pathology and routine pathology tests can assist in identifying the underlying cause of your health concerns, as well as providing tools for the prevention of disease. With over 200 tests available, integrated medical tests allow us to take a deeper look at dysfunction in digestive, respiratory, circulatory, immune, endocrine and nervous system. Some common tests are stool analysis, adrenal/cortisol stress profiles, D.U.T.C.H test, and liver function tests.

During your initial consultation recommendations will be made for pathologies and integrated test if necessary. If you have any questions in regard to the testing available, please contact us.

 Note: if you wish to have a stool test and consult to analyse the results, please email us for a referral form.

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Healthy Lifestyle

Although diet is a major part of health and wellbeing, we strongly believe in the importance of healthy lifestyle choices. There are significant long lasting benefits in improving the way you live ensuring a long and healthy life. Lifestyle activities can take on many forms from physical exercise, meditation, yoga, relaxation techniques and many more. Adopting or maintaining healthy lifestyle techniques are proven to reduce weight, stress, anxiety and depression, increase self confidence and happiness, cardiovascular support, promote strong bones, muscles and joints, support addiction control and encourage creativity. They help motivate, inspire and create lifestyle choices to suite each individual improving and maintain health and wellbeing.

For current yoga class times with Mell click here.

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Food and Diet

Everyday we make food choices that influence our health for better or for worse. Years and decades of repeated food choices can have major rewards or severe consequences to our health. Imagine the body is made up of millions of tiny engines working together and independently 24 hours a day, requiring a specific fuel to work properly. If we use the wrong fuel the engine will not perform at its maximum capacity and if there is no fuel it will stop. The specific fuel required for our bodies to function is full of various nutrients differing in form and function, however vital to our health and vitality. We offer nutritional support  alleviating and preventing chronic diseases and promoting optimum health and wellbeing.