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“Not only is Mell incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her work; but combining her naturopathic skills and herbal skills she is able to tailor make exactly what you need. I am currently pregnant and couldn’t live without the herbal tonic she made me for morning sickness- it’s worth it’s weight in gold! My daughter has also had some difficulties with sleeping and her specific tonic has worked wonders- she’s finally sleeping through the night at 2.5.”

— Gayle Rutherfoord

“I have been seeing Mell for over 12 months now and honestly can't express how grateful I am to be supported by her. Mell has assisted me with digestive issues, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and probably my biggest issue, supporting me with my mindset around food. I came to Mell with a pretty terrible relationship with food, eating the same safe foods, day in, day out, rarely eating out. Mell has taught me the importance of variety in my diet and has assisted me in finding that perfect balance and I feel the best I have in 6 years. My physical and mental health has improved dramatically under Mell's care, so much so we are now working on pre-conception care. Mell has such a kind supportive nature, and I instantly feel calm in her presence, quiet different to many other Practitioners I have seen. I can't recommend Mell highly enough to anyone wanting a passionate Practitioner that genuinely cares.”

— Tenielle Parsons